Phase V Water

The contract with the interim contractor, Mortec Construction, has been signed and processed.  Mortec will be onsite April 30, 2018 to begin repairs to roadways and clean-up.  We anticipate waterline construction to begin again around June 15, 2018.  We truly appreciate your patience.

Bill Payment Options

Our software service provider has fixed the certification warning that has been appearing when customers click to pay their bill through our website.  However, if you continue to have any issues, please contact the office and we will address them accordingly.

When searching the web for WCWC payment options, you may be directed to a third-party payment vendor, DOXO... Learn more...


System Pressure Advisory has been lifted for Pondside Mobile Home Park. There are no other system pressure (boil water) advisories with in the system.

As a precaution, we took many samples from one of the system to the other. No problems reported.

We would ask that you not waste any water, but we are now at the point where we feel comfortable with letting everyone know that you can use water to help with cleanup, such as power washing. We did not need the heavy rain that we received the other day, but it should have assisted in helping to wash away some of the yard debris on homes and cars.

If you do have a pressure washer available, they usually use less water then a hose and sprayer while accomplishing more in a gi...ven period. Please be mindful of the length of time and understand that any usage on your meter during clean up is not subject to an adjustment.

As we approach the weekend and homeowners begin coming to the county to see their properties for the first time, we expect that additional water leaks will surface on the customer side. Please continue to report leaks. We will have someone on call the entire weekend.

Be safe and know that we appreciate your conservation efforts.

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Hurricane Preparation

September 10, 2018

As Florence progresses, please take precautions. It would be better to over plan than to have no plan. (We have provided helpful information as provided by NCWaterWARN.) In the event that Florence makes landfall north, south, or directly into Carteret County, this storm is concerning for us and our neighboring counties.


If you are a WCWC customer and do not live locally or if you plan to evacuate, cut the water off using your personal shut off valve next to your water meter box. If you cannot do so, WCWC will handle for you at your request. Call the office at 252-393-1515 before midday Wednesday or email There is no cost for this...

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Leaves are falling . . . Autumn is calling.

Leaves are falling . . . Autumn is calling.

October 01, 2018

Autumn is heralded by the exhilaration of falling temperatures and the dazzling hues of falling leaves. The air is cool and the colors are warm. October glories in the grandeur of oranges, yellows, and reds.  Nature puts on a theatrical extravaganza, and we have the privilege of watching the show every single day. This is an incredible time to grab a sweater and enjoy the majesty of the outdoors. Visit a pumpkin patch or an apple orchard and revel in the bounty of the season. Take a hike and bask in the beauty of the changing colors. Or simply go outside and savor the splendor that’s right there in your front yard. Find a nice seat and enjoy the fresh, invigorating breeze, or get busy working on your garden and your lawn.  

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