Phase V Water - October 30, 2018

Your water company is finally very pleased to announce that a contract to complete the water line installation has been signed.  The contract has been awarded to Sunland Development in Newport.  Sunland has been frequently involved with WCWC projects and we have a high sense of confidence in their work ethic and ability to complete this project in the manner that is expected.

Their Notice to Proceed was issued effective November 1, 2018.  They will have a period of time that will be needed to mobilize and basically "pick-up" where the previous contractor abandoned the project on Lake Road, Nine Foot Road, and Roberts Road.  Once they are underway, they will then give us a predicted schedule about one month in advance of where they plan to be working.  It is anticipated that they will finish the area as just mentioned before moving onto Hwy 24, eastward towards subdivisions along that corridor and Hibbs Road.

With the change in contractor, there is a needed change in our tap fee process.  In previous projects, the $300 tap fee expired when the contractor began working.  We have not done that in Phase V, but we are needing to finalize our tap locations. Therefore, please note that the tap-on fee will increase from $300 to $750 for Lake Road, Nine Foot Road, and Roberts Road on December 15, 2018. It will then increase to $2,400 once the water line is finished and released for hook-up. Next, George Taylor Road and Bluewater Banks should make plans to do the same.  The deadline in those areas will be shortly thereafter.

If you wish to get a tap, please do so immediately.  Call our office at (252) 393-1515 or email  You DO NOT need to remit the full payment.  You can pay $50 per month or make whatever payment arrangement works best for you financially, but do not miss this opportunity.

If you have already purchased a pre-tap and have not indicated where you wish for your meter to be placed, mainly in the Nine Foot, Lake Road, and Roberts Road areas, contact us immediately as well.

Thank you again for your patience and we will update this page as information becomes available to us.

Bill Payment Options

Our software service provider has fixed the certification warning that has been appearing when customers click to pay their bill through our website.  However, if you continue to have any issues, please contact the office and we will address them accordingly.

When searching the web for WCWC payment options, you may be directed to a third-party payment vendor, DOXO... Learn more...


There are no other system pressure (boil water) advisories with in the system.

As a precaution, we took many samples from one of the system to the other. No problems reported.

We would ask that you not waste any water, but we are now at the point where we feel comfortable with letting everyone know that you can use water to help with cleanup, such as power washing. We did not need the heavy rain that we received the other day, but it should have assisted in helping to wash away some of the yard debris on homes and cars.

If you do have a pressure washer available, they usually use less water then a hose and sprayer while accomplishing more in a gi...ven period. Please be mindful of the length of time and understand that any usage on your meter during clean up is not subject to an adjustment.

As we approach the weekend and homeowners begin coming to the county to see their properties for the first time, we expect that additional water leaks will surface on the customer side. Please continue to report leaks. We will have someone on call the entire weekend.

Be safe and know that we appreciate your conservation efforts.

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