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If your water payment is regularly drafted, do not make an advanced payment before February 7.  Advanced payments will not change your account balance in the draft file as we move to our new billing software.  Therefore, additional payments will reflect as an overpayment on your account.  Drafted customers should also contact our office to set up a new draft. Only bank accounts can be used to draft payments in the new system. (Drafts using a card must be established through the website, not by contacting our office.)  For security purposes, your account number was not kept.  Since the company handling your draft is changing, we do not have access to your account information unless you recently changed or updated that information.  This is a major inconvenience and we recognize that, but, as mentioned, we did not keep copies of your financial records once the account drafted successfully.


Bill Payment Options & Information

In addition to mailing or visiting our office to make a payment, WCWC now offers 2 different online bill pay options.

New Online Payment Portal

Beginning February 2024, if you wish to make a one time payment or register for monthly drafted payments, you will need to establish your online user account in order to setup automatic bank draft and credit card draft. To begin this process click on New Users: Click Here to Register. For a step by step guide, please click the following link. 

Step by Step Guide for Online Registration


To make a one-time payment as a guest, enter the Utility Account ID information in the lower box on the  and PIN to complete the online payment screen. (You will not have the option to save your payment information or schedule future payments at this location.)

If you do not have an email address to register but wish to have your account drafted from a checking account, call or contact our office.

Important News

As cold weather is approaching, ensure that all exposed plumbing is insulated.  The smallest of areas can freeze, interrupting your water supply.

Thank you for your patience with our new software upgrade. As challenging as it has been, it will benefit the corporation in the future. Please note:

  • Your account number now includes a hyphen instead of period, and drops one “0”.
  • For security reasons, your financial information did not transfer for drafts and you now have a PIN number.
  • Your PIN is being mailed and emailed, along with being on this bill.

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