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Board of Director (1994 - 2019)
25 Years of Service and Dedication
We lost a true friend and long-time West Carteret Water colleague this week. Ms. Ethel Ledbetter Shackelford has been missed since moving to be close to Bebe Dunbar, her daughter, but we had assurance we would visit again. Sadly, COVID did not allow any of us to travel, but FB kept us connected as much as possible.
My first encounter with Ms. Ethel was in 1986. I was tasked with getting residents to participate in a future water project. I hit the friendship and support jackpot when I approached both her and Ms. Paxon Holz on the same day. Not only did I gain friends for life, these ladies quickly assisted me in purchasing multiple taps. It didn't stop there. Their support led to the support from others.
It was later a joy to have Ms. Ethel serve on the WCWC Board of Directors. She was an asset to the community in many ways and left her mark on hearts through her friendship and dedication.
Ms. Ethel, I personally will never forget you. I appreciate even more some of our "non-work" outings and time spent with you. Rest in God's forever peace as our thoughts and prayers are with Mrs. Bebe Dunbar and the entire family.




Nine directors serve on WCWC's board.  Elected by the membership, they serve staggered 3-year terms.  Regular monthly meeting are generally held at the administration office the third week of the month at 4 p.m.  If you have any concerns that you would like to address, you may call or write to the attention of the president.  All correspondence will be forwarded.



Anyone making petition to the Nominating Committee should be a member/customer in good standing.  Along with 15 signatures (individual accounts), the petition should include a brief biography of the individual wishing to be considered.  If the Nominating Committee elects to include the applicant on the 2021 Annual Meeting Ballot, the biography will be inserted in the Notice to Membership announcing the meeting.  Petitions should be submitted to the office before closing on January 5, 2021.  (Petition)


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