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New Subdivisions - Updates

Ballantine Grove - Section 2 - Released 02/21/2023
Ballantine Grove - Section 3 - Under Construction

Bridgeview - Section 2 - Under Construction

The Bluffs on Broad Creek - Released 04/20/2023



Water line installation in Somerset Plantation is still underway.  Services/meters are currently being installed in Bluewater, Western Acres, Kelly Lane, Grayson, and Utopia.  Water line installation on Hardy Road will begin soon.  We anticipate the entire project to be completed by the end of February 2020!

Phase V Update 09/04/19

August-September 2019: We expect that a final approval letter will be forthcoming by September 13 for Nine Foot Road and Robert Road along with adjacement subdivisions or streets.  Work in the areas of Hibbs Road is continuing along with Bluewater Banks off of Highway 24. Once completed, the contractor will continue eastward on Highway 24 into any new subdivisions included in the Phase V project.  


    Installation of waterline and services will continue on Roberts Rd likely through August 15, 2019.  The contractor estimates that a crew will begin working in Bluewater Banks around July 23, 2019.  A letter regarding construction and flag placement will be sent out to the residents of Bluewater Banks the week of June 24, 2019.  Residents who have not yet picked up their flags for meter placement should do so as quickly as possible.  Once the flag is placed in the location of where you would like your meter, our meter technician can mark the area and make sure everything is prepared for the crew when they start working.  Please contact the office if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a meter technician to assist you with placing your flag.

Phase V Update

As of today, George Taylor Rd has passed the Pressure Test!  Samples have been taken from Lake Rd and Park Meadows. Starting tomorrow, our contractor will have a team installing meter boxes in Park Meadows and Deerfield.  A crew will be headed to 9 Foot Rd to install services that had been missed and then they will proceed to Kings Chase next week.  

West Carteret Water Corporation thanks you for your continued patience and looks forward to serving our new members!  If you have any questions or concerns please call the office at (252)393-1515 or email us at

Phase V Update

Water line construction is underway in the Lake Road Area.  The $300 pretap fee will end soon.  If you have not paid the fee and completed a membership application, you should contact our office immediately before the fee increases to $750.  Once the water line passes your property, the tap fee increases to $2,400.

Questions about the construction and fees should be directed to the office at (252) 393-1515.

October 30, 2018: Your water company is finally very pleased to announce that a contract to complete the water line installation has been signed.  The contract has been awarded to Sunland Development in Newport.  Sunland has been frequently involved with WCWC projects and we have a high sense of confidence in their work ethic and ability to complete this project in the manner that is expected.


Their Notice to Proceed was issued effective November 1, 2018.  They will have a period of time that will be needed to mobilize and basically "pick-up" where the previous contractor abandoned the project on Lake Road, Nine Foot Road, and Roberts Road.  Once they are underway, they will then give us a predicted schedule about one month in advance of where they plan to be working.  It is anticipated that they will finish the area as just mentioned before moving onto Hwy 24, eastward towards subdivisions along that corridor and Hibbs Road.


With the change in contractor, there is a needed change in our tap fee process.  In previous projects, the $300 tap fee expired when the contractor began working.  We have not done that in Phase V, but we are needing to finalize our tap locations. Therefore, please note that the tap-on fee will increase from $300 to $750 for Lake Road, Nine Foot Road, and Roberts Road on December 15, 2018. It will then increase to $2,400 once the water line is finished and released for hook-up. Next, George Taylor Road and Bluewater Banks should make plans to do the same.  The deadline in those areas will be shortly thereafter.


If you wish to get a tap, please do so immediately.  Call our office at (252) 393-1515 or email  You DO NOT need to remit the full payment.  You can pay $50 per month or make whatever payment arrangement works best for you financially, but do not miss this opportunity.


If you have already purchased a pre-tap and have not indicated where you wish for your meter to be placed, mainly in the Nine Foot, Lake Road, and Roberts Road areas, contact us immediately as well.


Thank you again for your patience and we will update this page as information becomes available to us.

Phase V Update

The contract with the interim contractor, Mortec Construction, has been signed and processed.  Mortec will be onsite April 30, 2018 to begin repairs to roadways and clean-up.  We anticipate waterline construction to begin again around June 15, 2018.  We truly appreciate your patience.

Phase V Update

Update February 28, 2018 - The following Phase V subdivisions have been released to hook onto the newly installed waterlines:

Blue Heron Bay

Croatan Colony

Terrapin Court, Rollingwood Acres

A letter along with hook-up instructions will be/was mailed on March 1, 2018.  We encourage you to contact our office is you have any questions.

Also, an interim contractor will be selected on March 13th to work on the water lines that are installed, but not completed along Nine Mile, Nine Foot, Lake Road, and Roberts Road. This contactor will also make repairs to damages in these areas. 

We are working with the bonding company to quickly bid the remaining protion of this contact. A new contractor will be selected soon to complete the Phase V construction project. As the schedule is prepared, we will keep you apprised. We appreciate everyone's patience during this matter.


News Release - Newport, North Carolina  February 1, 2018 – West Carteret Water Corporation

Phase V Water Line Construction Delay

Newport, North Carolina  February 1, 2018 – West Carteret Water Corporation ("WCWC") has been advised that the primary contractor for Phase V construction, Tony E. Hawley Construction Co, Inc., has filed for bankruptcy and probably will be unable to complete the project.  This will cause an unforeseeable and unavoidable delay to the Phase V expansion project.


WCWC is working closely with Hudson Insurance Company, the bonding company for the primary contractor, to secure a contractor to complete the work as expeditiously as possible.  We will provide project updates to the WCWC website and Facebook page as additional information becomes available.  We also suggest you sign up for alerts to receive email or text updates on the Phase V project and other WCWC news.


Should property owners have specific issues arising out of this work that need immediate attention, please contact WCWC's Repair Department via the website, or call the office at 252.393.1515 during regular business hours.


WCWC regrets any disruption this unanticipated event and delay may cause to our current and future customers.




About Western Carteret Water Corporation


West Carteret Water Corporation is a nonprofit, member-owned water utility serving western Carteret County along the coast of North Carolina. 


About the Phase V Project


WCWC's Phase V project was approved in March 2015 to expand WCWC's services to a number of locations in the Hwy 24/Hwy 58/Roberts Road/9-Mile Road areas.  Construction began during the fall of 2016 and is ongoing.



# # #



Media contact:          

Lisa D. Smith-Perri, General Manager and Executive Director

West Carteret Water Corporation

4102 Hwy 24, Newport, NC 28570

(252) 393-1515 – Ext 20

Phase V Schedule Update

Tentative Schedule for the next two weeks:

Crew #4: Is continuing their work up Nine Mile Rd towards Lake Rd/Nine Foot Road.  They anticipate being at or near station 244+00 (Lake Rd) in the next 3 weeks.  Once they are there, they will continue up Lake Rd.

Crew #3: Anticipates completing Blue Heron Bay by the end of October, weather permitting.  Once Blue Heron Bay is completed, Crew #3 plans on moving over to finish Bur Oaks around the first week of November.

Crew #1: Has completed the tie-in at Hwy 24 & Nine Mile Rd, and has the first directional on Nine Mile along with Croatan Colony, Gales Creek, and Southwest Drive tied-in.  Crew #1 is now beginning to fill and test Nine Mile Rd from Hwy 24 towards Southwest Dr.  After they complete their testing, they will begin working on Roberts Rd. 

The Boring Crew anticipates having their work at the intersection of Bur Oaks/Nine Mile Rd and Nine Mile/Nine Foot Rd completed towards the end of the first week of November. 

Phase V Update

Contents of the letter sent to customers on August 14, 2017:

This mailing outlines what you can expect regarding the installation of the water main and your water service. Please review it entirely and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

SCHEDULE:  We are pleased to apprise you that our water line contractor, Tony E. Hawley Construction Co, Inc., is currently making great progress following the resolution of our initial construction concerns. With three crews working simultaneously in different areas and the possibility of a fourth crew joining, it will be difficult to define the exact time that they will arrive on your street.  However, the following bullets indicate their construction status and plans as of August 14, 2017:  

  • Crew #1 – Continuing on Nine Mile Road towards Lake Road/ Nine Foot Road installing 8" water line.
  • Crew #2 – Continuing North on Nine Mile Road from Southwest Drive and completing subdivisions on the West side of Nine Mile Road.  Brynita Lane will be next followed by Bur Oaks Blvd.  (Including all adjacent streets and cul-de-sacs per plans).
  • Crew #3 – Beginning work within Bogue Forest Drive followed by Blue Heron Drive.
  • Possible Crew #4 added before August 31 - This crew will work on connecting Nine Mile Road and Hwy 24 before assisting to finish the last 2,000 feet on Nine Mile Road along with connecting the subdivisions and side streets along Nine Mile Road to that water main.

CONSTRUCTION AREA: We will work closely with our contractor to complete the construction with as little inconvenience and disruption to your property as possible. 

  • All concrete driveways will be bored. 
  • Yard ornaments or other landscaping within the right-of-             way should be removed to avoid possible damage.
  • We can provide flags to be used to locate irrigation lines or anything else of significance within the right-of-way.

URGENT – METER LOCATION: The contractor will attempt to install some water services during the water line installation.  For a limited period of time, you will have the option of deciding where to install your water meter.  If we do not receive a response from you indicating where you wish to have your water meter installed, we will locate it in a position that we believe to be most reasonable.   However, as the property owner, you best know where your utilities and septic are located.  If you are having a difficult time deciding, call us to make an appointment for someone to visit with you.

To identify your meter installation location, please choose one of the following options before September 1, 2017:

  1. Meter locations are marked with blue flags that we have available. You can get one by:
    1. Visiting the office at 4102 Hwy 24, Newport.  Our office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 
    2. If you are unable to do so, make an appointment for us to come to your home by calling 252-393-1515. 
    3. Meter location considerations:
      1. The meter will be installed where the property line meets with the right-of-way line anywhere along the front of your lot.  Our contractor will determine how far off the roadway shoulder the meter will be located, but you must determine the position to the right, middle, or left of your lot.
      2. You may need to consult with your plumber to decide the best location to minimize the plumbing that will be needed. In most cases, this is dependent on the well location and if you decide to use the line between the well and the building as a tie-in point.
      3. Keep the water meter and customer water line at least 10 feet away from sewer lines or drain fields and keep the meter at least 5 feet away from utility poles and utility pole guide wires.
      4. We encourage you to continue to use your well for outdoor watering, but you must not have any interconnections between your existing well and water meter. That is an illegal connection.
      5. If the service is to be installed on a vacant lot, please consider potential future uses of that property and possible locations of driveways, septic fields, etc.
      6. You will be provided with a Hook-Up Guide when you get your flag.  However, please read the additional Hook-up Information at the end of this letter. 
    4. Once the flag is placed, call our office to let us know you are ready for us to record the location.  Our staff will paint a “S” or dashed marked on the pavement in front of your flag to indicate to the contractor that we have confirmed the installation of the service.
  2. For those that are not local, we have enclosed a sheet that you can use to give us a detailed drawing where you would like the service to be installed.  Our staff will place a flag for you based on that drawing.  However, we encourage you to verify that location before the meter is installed to ensure proper placement.  Provide as much information as possible, including distances from objects, boundaries, etc.


  • As the water line for communities in the same vicinity is completed, we will request an approval from NC DENR Public Water Supply.  That approval allows us to begin providing water service to residents in that area.  You will be notified when that has been received and you will have approximately 60 days to connect to the meter before your monthly billing cycle begins.  (The loan for this construction project will be repaid by water usage fees.  Therefore, we encourage you to utilize your new water service as soon as possible.)
  • WCWC recognizes that your plumbing may not be accustomed to higher pressures.  Also, you may have leaks of which you are not aware.  Because of those reasons, WCWC will be lenient with our adjustment policy during the first 6 months after releasing the water line for consumption.  Based on that, we will adjust 100-percent of leak related water usage for accounts that connects to their meter within the first 3 months of availability.  After that period of time, the normal adjustment policy will apply, which is 50% of the usage above the average.  (WCWC does not adjust for leaks in irrigations systems, outdoor hoses, swimming pool connections, or outbuildings.)  More information regarding the hook-up with be included in your next letter.

CONTACT: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (252) 393-1515, (877) 393-6829, or by e-mailing  We look forward to serving you and will forward additional correspondence as needed

Letter Sent to Phase V Customers on June 27, 2017

Contents of the letter sent to customers on June 27, 2017:

Dear Phase V Customer:

We have received our final approval from Public Water Supply (PWS) for water services installed on the following streets/areas:

White Oak Bluffs
Hunters Creek Road
Silver Lake Court
River Oaks Subdivision
Buster Road
Pleasant Nook
Nosey Road

You can now begin the hook-up process using the appropriate enclosed guide. Although connecting to your water meter can be completed when you wish, the water line extensions were approved for funding based on anticipated water use. Therefore, we hope that you will choose to connect to the service, not only for this reason, but because it will also help us to maintain a higher quality of water in the newer areas.

The Carteret County Permits and Inspections Department would ask that you get a permit for the plumbing. As mentioned, we have enclosed two hookup guides to assist either in answering your general plumbing questions or in giving you guidance with RPZ installations.

• There is an electronic reading device (MTU) attached to the lid of the water meter. You can open the lid by inserting a screw driver in the notch and pushing forward to release the eyes holding it in place. Replace the lid after use to ensure it does not blow off or become dislodged, damaging the MTU. Take caution when mowing. If damaged, the cost of replacement is shared with the account holder.
• Do not undersize or oversize the water line from the meter to the house. Generally, one-inch is recommended, but that depends on the number of fixtures in your home along with the line distance between the meter and the dwelling.
• It is required to have your own personal shut off valve at the meter. A second is suggested at the home or building.
• We also suggest a pressure reduction valve at the home side of the connection. It will keep a steady pressure throughout your home or business. Ultimately, it also reduces the amount of water that you use in a given period of time.
• We encourage you to continue to utilize your existing well for outdoor purposes. However, please be aware that you must physically disconnect the well from your new service line. We reserve the right to inspect that disconnect and for the safety of all, will shut off your meter if a cross connection is found until it is disconnected.
• If you are connecting the meter to a line that will supply water to a commercial building, swimming pool, irrigation system, or a dock, you must install a Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Preventer or RPZ. As per code and suggested by Public Water Supply along with our Cross Connection Control Plan, RPZs must be installed by licensed plumbers and tested annually by a certified licensed backflow tester. The annual test results must then be forwarded to the water company. We can provide you with a list of approved testers, if necessary, or we can test for you.

The first bill can be expected around September 15, 2017 for the current monthly minimum charge of $17.30 plus any water used. If you connect next week, for example, you would have 7 weeks of usage on the first billing. It will be due October 7, 2017 and your bills will continue to be due that time each month. (Payment options are checking and credit card draft, on-line, office, mail, or phone. A copy of the rate structure can be requested or you may elect to visit our website at

IMPORTANT: You may have leaks that you are not aware of because of being on a well system. Therefore, we will be tracking usage closely along with offering an enhanced leak adjustment. If you are curious about usage and possible leaks, please contact us. Your water meter is very precise and reads your meter several times per day. We can easily apprise you of your usage if you contact us.

In the event of a leak, WCWC does have a leak adjustment policy whereby we will deduct 50% of the overage, which is based on your average or anticipated average. We also have a catastrophic leak adjustment that will reduce your bill to a maximum of $150 (currently). You are entitled to one every 12 months. However, for Phase V customers only, WCWC will adjust 100% of leak related usage for all bills rendered through January 15, 2018 where we receive a leak adjustment request (form available on-line or in our office) along with plumbing receipts for materials and/or labor. Your account must be connected by December 2017 to qualify for the 100% leak adjustment. This adjustment applies to interior/hard plumbing only.

Once you have connected to your service, please contact our office. We will be visiting to ensure that you have a minimum of one personal shut off valve, which must be adjacent to the water meter.

If you use the internet, please visit our website at for information about our company. In the event of an outage, we would like to be able to quickly notify you. You can sign up for email and/or texted ALERTS on the web or by calling our office. You should also contact us for your initial password to the on-line bill payment option. This information and more will be included with your monthly water bill.

We would like to welcome you as a user-member of West Carteret Water Corporation and encourage you to contact us with any concerns or questions that you may have.


West Carteret Water Corporation

Phase V Certification Update

Phase V is still steadily moving along.  We will soon certify the following Highway 58 areas: Hunter’s Creek Rd, River Oaks Subdivision, White Oak Bluffs, Silver Creek Court, and the Pleasant Nook Community. 
A leak in the new transmission line was found in a road bore, which caused our crew to undergo a slight delay in the White Oak Bluffs area.  This leak was delaying our final inspection/approval for the entire western section of the water system.
The contractor was asked to return to finish the cleanup in White Oak Bluffs, which they did. During that time, they also sanitized and pressure tested the water lines. With that being completed, the engineer issued an approval for all of the aforementioned streets to the NC Department of Environmental Quality, Public Water Supply Division.  This agency’s certification is required before we can send letters informing everyone that the system is ready.  This certification generally takes about thirty days, meaning customers should have it within the next three weeks!
The contractor has also finished installing water lines in Croatan Estates and Gales Creek Road areas. They will begin installing the water line on Nine Mile Road within a few weeks. These subdivisions along with the others along Nine Mile Road will be connected to the line as completed. This section will take several months to complete as we continue to work towards Lake Road and Nine Foot Road.
Along Highway 24, Bogue Forest will soon be under construction followed by Blue Heron Bay, as it stands now.  Major road bores throughout the entire system will be completed simultaneously.
As always, thank you for your continued patience and understanding with our Phase V Project.  Should you have any comments, concerns, or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the office.

Phase V Water Line Construction Update

West Carteret Water's Phase V Expansion is moving right along! Currently, water line is being installed in the White Oak Bluff Subdivision.  Next month, construction is scheduled to begin in the following areas: Bogue Forest, Blue Heron Subdivision, Croatan Colony, Gales Creek Road, and George Taylor Road.  Letters have been mailed out to customers in these areas, as a reminder to stop by our office and pick up a flag. Flags should be placed in the right of way where the property owner would like the meter to be located. If possible, existing utilities can be used as a guide.   If you have any questions regarding flag placement, please contact the office during regular business hours.

Phase V Water Line Construction Update

Phase V Water Line Construction is underway.  We are working on clean-up in the White Oak Bluff Subdivision at this time. 

If you live in one of the subdivisions/streets listed on the attachment you are highly encouraged to contact the office, since construction will take place in these areas first. Those wishing to pay for a tap at the reduced rate of $300 should sign up now. Payment arrangements can be made. The tap fee will increase to $750 shortly and then $2,450 after the water line is installed.  If you have any questions or would like to RSVP for the meeting (not required, but appreciated), please contact the office.

Phase V Distribution Listing Update

West Carteret Water anticipates issuing Notices to Proceed to the contractor by mid-September and hopes to provide a tentative project schedule on the website by early October.  

The pictures below show the updated distribution listing for the areas concerning the Phase V project.  To enlarge a specific image, just click directly on it. If you have any questions, please contact the office.  

Phase V Bid Update

August 5, 2016: At last, the Phase V bidding process is about to end!  Last week, we opened bids for the distribution expansion and additional well construction.  Another bid opening will be held on Monday, August 8 for the Gales Creek elevated tank and the plant expansion.  The Board will meet to discuss the overall project after all bids are opened.  If over budget, subsequent funds will have to be borrowed.  Those funds will be secured by Friday, August 12 to ensure that enough time is provided to finalize all paperwork and award contracts by August 25. 

Based on this schedule, it is anticipated that construction will begin within the next 60 days.  Once the distribution contractor provides a tentative schedule, it will be posted. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

Phase V Information Update/Upcoming Meeting

     As of Wednesday, June 29, 2016, we received approval to seek construction bids for the Phase V water line project. The bid opening will be held on July 28th and awarded within 30 days if bids are within the funding budget. If not, we will begin the deletion process to remove streets that are most costly.  Of course, the more property owners that have signed up for water, the less cost per customer.

     Currently, the preconstruction fee is $300 per tap. That amount will increase to $750 once construction begins in each area. Eventually, it will be $2,400+.  If you have not signed up for water and wish to do so, you are encouraged to contact our office to receive the necessary paper work.

     There will be an informational meeting on Tuesday, July 19, 2016 at the water company office. Doors open at 6 p.m. and the meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Please contact the office to RSVP as soon as possible.

Phase V Update

The list below contains the updated status of all the areas in West Carteret Water Corporation’s Phase V Expansion Project.  All streets, regardless of status, are pending bid results.  


Bogue Landing S/D (Hwy 24 East near Gethsemane)

Bogue Sound Dr

Bogue Sound Ct

Utopia (Hwy 24 East/Continuance of Hankison Dr)

Somerset Plantation S/D (Hwy 24 East)

Somerset Way

Waterford Place

Gloucester Court

Portsmouth Lane

Barringer Drive

Hull Circle

Old Oaks S/D (Hwy 24 East)

Grayson Lane

Western  Acres (Hibbs Road, Off Hwy 24 East)

White Oak Dr

Hull Ct

George Taylor Rd (Broad Creek, Hwy 24)

Bluewater Banks 

Blue Heron Dr (Hwy 24 West/Ocean)

Osprey Ct

Egret Ct

Pelican Ct

Bogue Forest Subdivision (Hwy 24 West/Red Barn)

Bogue Forest Dr

Bogue Forest Ct

9-Mile Road: From Hwy 24/Entire Length to Lake Rd

Croatan Colony (9-Mile Rd off Hwy 24)

Croatan Colony Dr

Colony St 

Gales Creek Road (9-Mile Rd, Off Hwy 24)

Gales Creek Road


Bur Oaks S/D (9-Mile  Rd, Off Hwy 24)

Bur Oaks Blvd.

Mill Dam Way

Casey Lane

Carrie Court

9 Foot Road to Newport’s ETJ (Before Masontown Rd)

Huntington Ridge (9-Foot Road, Between 9-Mile/Hwy 70)

Kings Chase

Grey Fox Run

Hounds Quarry

Quinn Hill Enterprises, LLC (9-Foot Road, Between 9-Mile/Hwy 70)

Quinn Hill Road

Holly Springs Road (9-Foot Road, Between 9-Mile/Hwy 70)

Lake Wood/Deer Park/Park Meadows Subdivisions

Bobby's Dr

Lakewood Ct

Backfield Dr

Fawn View Ct

Antler Dr

White Doe Ct

Park Meadows Dr

Silver Lake Ct (West Firetower Rd, Off Hwy 58)

Little Kinston (West Firetower Rd, Off Hwy 58-Behind Bluewater Cove)

Buster Road

Pleasant Nook

Nosey Rd 

Hunters Creek (Stella/Hwy 58)

White Oak Bluff Subdivision (Stella, Hwy 58)

White Oak Bluff Rd

Red Oak Rd


Kelly Lane (Hibbs Road, Off Hwy 24 East)

Southwest S/D (9-Mile Rd, Off Hwy 24)

Southwest Drive

Roberts Road (Off 9-Mile Rd)

Tanglewood S/D (Oak Grove Road)

Country Side S/D (Country Side Court)

Pine Ridge (Powell St.)

Tar Kiln Ridge (Naval Store/Tar Kiln Ln)

Rollingwood S/D (Broad Creek, Hwy 24/9-Mile Area)

Terrapin Ct

Croatan Estates (9-Foot Road, Between 9-Mile/Hwy 70)

Croatan Dr

Lake Wood/Deer Park/Park Meadows Subdivisions 

Kevin Ct

Watson Dr

Rolling Hill Subdivision (West Firetower Rd, Off Hwy 58)

Rolling Hill Dr

River Oaks (Stella, Hwy 58)

River Oaks Dr

Deep Water Dr

Leisure Ct


Hardy Road

Holly Lane (across from Rouse’s Septic Service)

Stargazer Lane

Nicholson Avenue

Clodfelter Court

Lake Road (Continuance of 9-Mile; End pt near Newport FD Auxiliary Station)

For the purpose of updating property owners, informational meetings will be held in several locations.  The first two meetings will be held at:

Holly Springs Baptist Church

163 Holly Springs Rd, Newport (Off Nine Foot Rd)

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Doors open - 10:00 am

Presentation along with Q/A - 10:30 am

Available until noon


WCWC Administrative Office (Second Story)

4102 Hwy 24, Newport

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Doors open - 6:00 pm

Presentation along with Q/A - 6:30 pm

Please RSVP for this meeting at (252) 393-1515 or

The next informational meeting will be announced in the Hwy 58 area.

Phase V Expansion Update

     As of April 5, 2016, we have verbal notification that all agencies have approved the expansion.  Our project will go to bid once those permits have been physically received and Rural Development gives their approval. The installation of water mains will be contingent on the bid pricing.  A new update will be posted as soon as formal bids are made.

     As a reminder, if you have received an easement and have not yet executed it, please contact the office immediately.  As of April 5, 2016, we have only recorded 66 out of 159.  If you have any questions concerning easements, please contact the office as soon as possible. 


Phase V Delayed Due to Final Environmental Approvals

     West Carteret Water Corporation is excited to be extending water lines into the previously advertised areas.  However, due to negotiations with state and federal agencies regarding two well site placements and permitting, the bidding process for the Phase V project has been stalled.  In a meeting with the agencies during late October, those involved felt that the approval could be forthcoming within 2-4 months. At this point, there is no reason to believe that the new sites will not be approved; it is just a matter of “when” they will be approved. To assist in this endeavor, a reputable well consultant, who is very familiar with both West Carteret Water Corporation and the Castle Hayne Aquifer, has been retained in an effort to provide creditable answers to their questions in a timely manner. 

     The wells are just one of several contracts that will be funded through an $8.5 million loan from the USDA Rural Development, which includes water lines, plant expansion, meter change out, generated power, and elevated storage.  Each of these contracts must be bid at the same time.  WCWC could proceed without the well approval; however, it would be removed from eligibility for government loan funding during the phase of construction.  At this point, that is not something we plan to do.  Your board will be looking at this closely and, if necessary, will make the decisions needed to avoid extensive delays.

     Therefore, at current, we hesitate to give a firm bid date again, but anticipate February 2016 with a construction date of April 2016.  All customers will be updated as we become aware of any changes.  We apologize for this delay, but it simply cannot be changed or rushed by WCWC any more than it is already.  At the same time, we appreciate the agencies involved for their stewardship to the public in making sure that every decision they make is in the best interest of the environment and our future aquifer health.

     Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (252) 393-1515 or at

Phase V Expansion Project - Update

West Carteret Water Corporation received great news in March 2015.  Our loan application for our Phase V project has been approved by the NC Office of USDA Rural Development.  At this point in time, they expect to obtain approval from the Washington, DC office before the end of March and will deliver to us a Letter of Conditions by the first week in April. The Letter of Conditions is loan obligation.  Based on that information, we have asked our engineering firm to proceed with final plans to prepare for bidding. Although a lot of survey work has been completed, we could not finish the entire construction package with the loan approval.

The following is an estimated timeline and will be updated as we progress:

April 1 - Receive Letter of Conditions

June 1 - Submit Plans and Specifications to Public Water Supply for Approval

August 1 - Bid Projects

September 15 - Award Contracts

November - Start Construction


Of particular concern to resident and businesses is the location of future water lines.  Based on survey results, the locations listed below have TENTATIVELY been approved:

Bogue Landing (Hwy 24)

Blue Heron Bay (Hwy 24)

Terrapin Court (Rollingwood S/D)

George Taylor Road (Hwy 24)

Bogue Forest S/D (Off Red Barn Rd)

Western Acres (Hibbs Road)

Kelly Lane (Hibbs Road)

Utopia (Hwy 24)

Old Oaks S/D (Hwy 24)

Somerset Plantation (Hwy 24/Contingent on HOA Agreement)

Rolling Hill Sudvision (Hwy 58)

River Oaks (Hwy 58)

Hunters Creek (Stella/Hwy 58)

White Oak Bluffs (Stella)

Silver Lake Court (Hwy 58)

Little Kinston (Hwy 58)

9-Mile Road from Hwy 24 to Lake Road

Croatan Colony (9-Mile Road)

Gales Creek Road/Sandhills

Southwest S/D (9-Mile Road)

Roberts Road towards Newports ETJ

Old Grove Road (Roberts Road)

Country Side Court (Roberts Road)

Powell St (Roberts Road)

Naval Stores Drive & Tar Kiln Ln (Roberts Road)

Bur Oaks S/D: Bur Oaks Blvd, Mill Dam Way, Casey Lane, Carrie Court

9-Foot Road to Miss Lizzy's Store

Huntington Ridge

Croatan Estates

Quin Hill Road

Holly Springs Road

Lake Road (portion)

Lake Wood, Deer Park and Park Meadows S/D