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Tropical Storm Nicole

As Tropical Storm Nicole progresses, please take precautions. It would be better to over plan than to have no plan. (We have provided helpful information as provided by NCWaterWARN.) In the event Tropical Storm Nicole should strengthen and make landfall north, south, or directly into Carteret County, this storm is concerning for us and our neighboring counties.


If you are a WCWC customer and do not live locally or if you plan to evacuate, cut the water off using your personal shut off valve next to your water meter box. If you cannot do so, WCWC will handle for you at your request. Call the office at 252-393-1515 before midday Wednesday or email water@wcwc.biz. There is no cost for this service.

Docks. Outdoor showers. Irrigation systems. Outbuildings. DO NOT LEAVE WATER ON! Historically, leaks in these types of plumbing have been the source of high usage following damaging winds and/or downed trees. (We do not offer an adjustment for high usage due to inclement weather where it could have been prevented by cutting off the supply in advance. More importantly, leaks contribute to depleting the elevated tanks.)

WCWC does have generated power at the plant and at least two wells. Elevated tanks will be full of water. Because of that, you will remain with supply unless one of the following occurs:

  1. Catastrophic damage to treatment facilities.
  2. Damages to either WCWC's or customers' water lines are so extensive that we cannot pump more than the system is losing. (Before and during any storm, conserve water to help keep the tanks full. Following a storm, continue to conserve water until all damage has been assessed not only to West Carteret Water Corporation's infrastructure, but to customers' water lines.)
  3. High winds threaten tanks, which are being depleted by wasteful usage or excessive leaks.
  4. Toppled trees/debris prevent us from readily accessing generators in the well field, which is in the forest. (We have equipment available to remove such debris once it is safe for our employees, but it takes time.)

We will be keeping a very close eye on the situation as the storm progresses. We must emphasize that you should call us if you need assistance to turning off your water. If you have concerns about a neighbor, let us know and we'll try to contact them, especially if they live on a waterfront property.

For more information click the link to be redirect to the National Hurricane Center, NOAA. 

We will continue to offer updates as we receive them. Be safe.