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Inclement Weather - Frozen Plumbing

During these spurts of extremely cold weather, you may experience interruptions of water due to your personal plumbing being... frozen. To help avoid that, we offer the following suggestions:

  • Ensure that all exposed plumbing is insulated, especially any metal piping or fittings.
  • Where plumbing is installed on an exterior wall, such as a kitchen or bathroom, open the cabinet doors during extremely low temps.
  • Disconnect all hoses from exterior faucets and insulate all faucets.
  • Although we do not encourage wasting water, sometimes the only way to avoid frozen plumbing is allow a small stream of water to run in your sinks or tubs if you know you have exposed plumbing.
  • If your plumbing freezes, try to locate the area that is exposed and SAFELY generate heat, noting that using electrical appliances around water (ice, snow) is never safe. Otherwise, it really is a waiting game. Small water lines freeze quickly, but, generally they thaw shortly after temps reach ABOVE freezing.
  • As temperatures rise, be alert to damage to your plumbing as well as your neighbor's. Frozen water will expand and often rupture pipes that are not located until after thawing begins.
  • Occasionally, we have found that the water meter or dual check valve have frozen. If you do not have water after the highest temp of the day, feel free to contact us.


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